Holiday Memories

Edith Poteat, March 2011
Those of you who know me are aware that my beloved Grandmother, Edith Corinne Winkler Beach Poteat, passed away on November 30. I am happy to consider that she is in a much better and happier place for her. I like to think she's up in Heaven now looking down on all of us, her children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren, ready to have the best Christmas ever.

For the last few years it has been tough for the grandchildren and great-grandchildren to come see Grandmommie for Christmas. It's tough for all of us to find the time off work or the ability to travel. Grandmommie only got to see those of us who could visit. But this year she can watch all of us at once no matter where we are. While she is not with us physically, she is here in spirit.

She is in every holiday thought that I have. Her recipes are being made in my home and in those of my cousins, sister, mother, and entire family. I will enjoy trying to make her chex mix, figuring out what that one ingredient is that's different. I have found the recipe for the ham biscuits my mother always made for Christmas breakfast. My cousins and I will make cookies, thinking of the fun we've had in Grandmommie's house doing the same. We will make "David's Christmas Cookies" from the St John's cookbook from my aunt and think of the times we've burned them to a crisp. We'll skip the peanuts on the chex mix because they always got left in the bottom of the bowl. We'll brew our coffee while considering how lucky we are to not be making instant. lol

Each of us will make at least one recipe from our traditional Christmas dinner in memory of Grandmommie. Most of us will make the pineapple casserole. Some will make sweet potato casserole and others biscuits. I'll beg my mom for her marinated vegetables recipe. Maybe Aunt Judy will make mashed potatoes. We'll probably make corn.

Guy and Thelma Parsons, 2011
And in a small but strong way, we'll all be sharing that holiday meal no matter how separated we are physically. While some are in Philly or North Carolina and others in Florida, for that one meal we will all be together by our love of this woman, my grandmother, Grandmommie. And if I'm truly, truly lucky, I'll get to spend some of that time with my father's parents as well, while I can still do so here.

Have a blessed holiday, my friends.


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