Cluster headaches?

So I am forming a theory that what I have is cluster headaches. They seem to hit me every single day for weeks. Then they stop for awhile. When they start up again they keep going for weeks again. IOW, my headaches seem to occur in cycles. Today seems to be day two of the new cycle. I'm keeping track of it here b/c I'm too lazy to do it elsewhere. I have an appointment with a neurologist and headache specialist in January. I don't want her to tell me " go keep a journal" as step one since I've waited so long. My apologies to those who aren't interested.

But for those same folks, here's a little update for the day. This morning I headed out to Jackie's place so we could carpool to the women's breakfast. On  the way I had the good fortune to see a family of deer. They were clearly a family, with Dad, mom and two younger fauns. Beautiful as ever and a little hesitant to cross the road. They did though, right in front of me after I stopped on Baptist Road. It was a moment of pure beauty to start the day.

Riding with Jackie was a hoot, especially as she unfolded what she had planned for our Secret Pal reveal! I'll link to that later; or maybe you best just go see her Facebook page if you know her. Otherwise, I think it might not be the thing to spread to the entire 'Net. :)


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