New Pattern: Neapolitan Baby Shrug

While I was traveling with my mom, I came up with this idea for a little shrug for a baby at our church. (Enjoy MacKenzie!) I pretty much just made it up as I went along, but have now written it up and am posting it here. For larger sizes, repeat rows 1-6 an extra time before you continue.

I like using the various stitches, because it adds a bit of a texture to it, almost like ice cream ripples. My mom called Neapolitan and that name has stuck. Enjoy and please post any questions you have. This pattern is free for personal use, but please do not use it for commercial purposes.

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Neopolitan Baby Shrug
by Jenna Moore

1 skein each white yarn, chocolate brown yarn, and strawberry pink yarn. I use dk or sport weight
Size H hook

Shell stitch: *Sc in first stitch, sk, 5dc in next st, sk, sc in next stitch.*

Body of Shrug:

ch 56 with White

Row 1 Sc in second ch from the hook and in each remaining chain.
Row 2 Turn and sc in each chain across. Change to pink yarn. ch2.
Row 3 Turn and dc in each sc across. ch 2.
Row 4 Turn and dc in each sc across. Change to brown yarn. ch 2.
Row 5 Turn and hdc in each dc across. ch2
Row 6 Turn and hdc in each dc across. Change back to white. ch1. Turn.

Rows 7-24 Repeat Rows 1-6 three times.

Row 25 Repeat rows 1 and 2.

Sewing it together:
* Place wrong sides of the white sides together and sew eight stitches together. Fasten off.* Repeat from * on other end.

Place white yarn on the hook and insert hook into the initial chain row. Shell stitch* around, finishing in the initial stitch. Fasten off.
Please pink yarn on hook and insert hook into the middle stitch of the first 5dc shell. *Sc in same st, sk st, 5 dc in sc, sk st, sc in next stitch.* Repeat around, ending in the initial slip stitch. Fasten off.

Repeat for second cuff.

Finishing: Weave in ends.


RecycleCindy said…
Looks like a wonderful idea to keep baby warm. I am going to have to make one of these with my next baby dress.

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