More on drug-resistant migraines and chronic pain

So this time last year I posted about using various herbs and foods to prevent migraines. As a quick recap, I turned to herbs because my migraines do not respond well to any of the traditional migraine treatments. I have tried the triptans, such as Imitrex and the like, and they do not consistently help. The side-effects from Maxalt were overwhelming and Relpax is just too expensive. Feverfew was quite helpful in cutting down on my migraines and I mentioned this to my neurology specialist at my next appointment.

What he told me was that it was a great way to start, but that he would actually recommend Butterbur for even better prevention. I did some research and it sounds quite promising! In fact, the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) has found that it helps with migraine prevention and hay fever treatment! Unfortunately, all of my sources also state that those who are sensitive to ragweed are not good candidates to use it, so that counts me out. If any …

Update on Migraines and Herbs

Back in April I posted about trying a new therapy for my migraines. Most preventative medications that are prescribed do not work for me or I cannot take them due to my low blood pressure. So in April I started taking a daily dose of feverfew as a preventative. Since that time I have gone from three day long migraines on a weekly basis to only two shorter migraines. One of those I was able to identify a new trigger--the chicken hot dogs we had for dinner. I haven't eaten hot dogs in over a year and it made sense due to the nitrite/nitrate issue involved. The other blindsided me. All in all, I've decided that this therapy is working pretty well.

Now I'm researching ways to easy the physical pain. My most common issue is bad knee pain. I am started physical therapy this week, but in the meantime I'd like to lower the inflammation. After a few hours of research this weekend, I've decided to try pineapple for it's bromelain content. It's an enjoyable therapy as …

Fighting Migraines

After a year and a half of having almost no migraines, they recently began to recur. I used to have migraines for months at a time. I would have 2-4 migraines per week, though some of those were probably the same one not really going away, and last for about three months. I would try a migraine medicine and it would work--for about three months. Then it would become ineffective--most likely from frequent usage. I will confess that I have grown accustomed to not having these migraines.

Unfortunately, with the onset of spring and pollen season, they have returned with a vengeance. I made an appointment with my new PCP and she recommended going back go those medicines. I went along with it, but with the frequency and severity of the migraines I am afraid that these medicines will be ineffective again. It took about three doses for it to help the first time. So instead of just taking these medicines, I've decided to return to my practice of herbal and essential oil remedies.

After muc…

Learned something new about ME and Fibro

Today I realized something new about ME and Fibromyalgia. That tight feeling that I get, like I can't stand the clothes I'm wearing or my skin is too tight, might be tied to the onset of rapid heart rate that I somtimes get. My new phone (Galaxy S5) has the ability to check my heart rate more easily than I used to do myself. This morning it went to 92 and then over 100 bpm. I was sitting still at the time with no stress at all. This isn't new--I've had it for over 11 years, though it hasn't been around much lately.

What is new is this rapid heart rate and that tight feeling at the same time. I never paid attention before to whether the two occurred together. I'm going to have to monitor that going forward. The good news is that I've had all the heart tests (stress, EKG, and some I can't spell) and all is normal--just fast.

I'm not sure what this can do to help things, but knowledge is supposed to be power-right?

Have a great day!

Those who have passed

This Christmas season I find myself thinking about my grandparents that have passed away. My step-grandfather, Jim, passed away last century. My maternal grandfather passed before I was born, so Jim was the only grandfather I knew in my mom's family. My maternal grandmother passed a few years ago. My paternal grandparents both passed this year. All of them were dear to me and made every visit feel like a special occasion for me.

I remember visiting Grandmommie (my mom's mom) and she always made these wonderful holiday meals that were very southern. Jim made the best pumpkin pies and also the BEST strawberry and rhubarb pies in the summer. We would beg him to make a pie when we visited! I still remember how he used to bend down and hug me every time I came, treating me like the most special girl. His hearing aid used to beep when he hugged me and he would tell me that it was an alert that a pretty girl was near. The house always smelled wonderful and they had a whole room dedic…

Day 6: Windsor Castle, Bath, and Stonehenge

By now you can tell that I am back from London and running way behind in posting about the trip. However, I still want to finish the write-ups. So today I'm going to write about our second bus trip out of town. We visited Windsor Castle, the Roman baths, and the well-known Stonehenge.
Windsor Castle The town of Windsor was quite beautiful. The old-timey look of the buildings was beautiful. The castle was beautiful too, of course. There was quite the line to see Queen Mary's dollhouse, though I didn't join it. I'm sure it's fascinating, but doll houses just are not my thing. Pictures inside Windsor Castle are forbidden, so I have mostly pictures of the outside (naturally). The rooms were immense, including the ball rooms the king's and the queen's), as well as the sitting rooms, presence rooms, dining rooms and the rest. There was one room that held what must have been the crests of every family in Britain there were so many. And incredible display. Upon tal…

Day 5: Warwick Castle, Stratford upon Avon, and Oxford

It's taken me a few days to get to posting about this trip and my apologies to my few loyal readers for that. We were taking these all-day tours that started at 6am and ended at 10, so finding time to do much else wasn't happening. So let me try to catch you up.

Warwick Castle Proper apparent pronunciation: Warrick Castle
This is a medieval castle, architected by William the Conqueror circa 1068. It is located in the area of Warwickshire (shocking isn't it?). The castle has been added to, burned, rebuilt and otherwise altered in that time.

The bedrooms inside were interesting, though few. There are a number of drawing rooms, sitting rooms, receiving rooms, and other such rooms. In fact, Queen Anne's bed is supposed to be in here, too. What I honestly loved the most was the beautiful rose garden. This is only a small view of a few roses. The garden includes white and pink roses, among others, in a beautiful walking path.

Lest you think that this castle has nothing cool, l…