Christmas Traditions

So today was our Christmas Cantata called Down From His Glory at Union Grove Baptist Church. It's the first one I've ever sung in, so a wonderful experience. My beloved Mother was able to join us for it and that meant so much to me. The winks from Connor didn't hurt, either. lol Everyone was so good and Bea was almost giddy the entire time. I don't think Satan could have peeled the smile from her face with a carrot peeler! The best part was the true message behind it. It's not just what happened, but why.

My wonderful mother took us out to lunch afterward and that was great too. We got a little shopping done after that. If you know my family, you know the Christmas season just isn't the same without some Beach Girl shopping. :) We shopped for exchange gifts, boots, coffee, ties and just had fun. All I could think was "this is what it's all about." Time. Time together. You could give me a peanut butter sandwich for Christmas if you just give me some time as well.

Last year our family started some new Christmas traditions. I think part of what I like about them is that they take TIME. If you haven't picked up my theme yet, for me it's all about quality time together. I'd rather have four minutes of quality time with my family than none at all. One of our traditions comes from a nativity set we received as a gift a few years ago called What God Wants for Christmas. This set is unique in my experience.

It comes with a little nativity stage and seven boxes. Each box contains an item that's part of the set, including Gabriel, Mary, Joseph, Jesus and the rest. Each one has a page in the included book. You read the page then open the box. Box seven is the special one that contains a mirror-that's what God wants for Christmas. I'll let you do the math. The kids love opening the boxes and doing the reading. I love that we can all share in the reading this year.

So what is your favorite old Christmas tradition? What's your favorite new one?


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