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Diagonal Stripe Stroller Blanket

A friend of mine is having her first baby girl anytime now. She has picked out the beautiful name, painted the nursery, and is ready to be a mama! Her baby shower was a few weeks ago, so I can finally put out the pattern I used for her baby blanket. I got this idea from the beautiful hooded blankets that my mother made for my boys when they were due. My first confession is that this is not a hooded blanket nor is it nearly so intricate as my mother's work. I wanted to design something that would be reasonably quick, easy for beginning knitters, and could be made with the yarn I already had.

I picked up some lovely ivory and peach yarns at the thrift store, so I wanted to use those for the blanket. I agonized over what to make for ages! Like, the entire summer until almost August! I finally decided on a wide stripe diagonal baby blanket. Due to my limitations in needles (can't find my circulars), I was limited to what I could do with the needles I had. So rather than a full-size…

Creative birthday card

What? Two blog posts in one day? Yes, it's a special day. That and I couldn't figure out any other way to show what I'm about to show you.

My oldest son LOVES to draw. He's an artist at heart and he has been saying for years that he wants to be a cartoonist when he grows up. (I asked him why he wanted to wait that long.) So here is the card he made for me, which is actually more like a book.

 I hope you enjoyed reading that card as much as I enjoyed getting it. He spent so much time on this last night and it really means so much to me. I love my boys. They spoil me with such cute creativity.

What is over the hill?

So today is my birthday. If you are my "friend" on Facebook then you probably already figured that out. Today I'm reminded of a picture that used to hang in our finished basement den in Summit, New Jersey when my folks and I lived there. It was a picture of my dad, in his U.S. Navy athletic shorts, sitting (leaning really) on a balance beam. Underneath he had a caption posted: "Forty isn't over the hill." I'm also reminded of a poem that my dad wrote (to his little brother I think) that used to be posted in my uncle's old bedroom at the grandparent's place. I can only recall the first line, but that has always stuck in my head with its own little melody, like a song. "Forty, that mystical imaginary borderline..." I think the reason that my dad comes to mind when I think of the age of forty is that it was a big deal to him. He had something prove at that age--that he was still in his prime at the age of forty. (My mother, by contrast, …