Cross-stitch is back-and so are cuddles

So last month I resurrected a hibernating cross-stitch project. I had set it aside about five years ago after the birth of my second son. That time happens to coincide with when I learned to crochet, so you see what can happen. I pulled it out last month and have been making some great progress on it. I'm almost done with the first of the five large motifs. and I do mean LARGE. Each of these motifs is about the size of any project I have done before, so it will be a long project I think. I am hoping to stay focused on it for this year and maybe have it finished before next Thanksgiving-we'll see. I'd say more, but the intended recipient might be reading. lol (and no, that's not it to the left-that's just a cool one.)

In the midst of my joy at being almost done with motif 1, I have been fighting off headaches all day. My doc says she's certain this is all allergy related. Really? Allergies in December? I guess I do miss one thing about New end to allergy season. :) I'm not convinced about the allergies, but I listen to my doc and take what she tells me. After all, I did miss that one today and what do I get? A headache. Bad Jenna.

But everything is always better when my little guy comes out to cuddle. He came out around 9 just before I put on Christmas With the Kranks. He chattered for a few minutes as he, Michael and I all discussed a few topics of fleeting interest. Then he settled into my arms as we both lay on the couch. There's just something about cuddling with that sleeping boy that always brings me a sense of peace and completeness. All I can think about is "this is what it's all about." Time with family is what it's all about for me. Especially my sweet, smiling boys. I can't wait until Wednesday when it's all family all the time for the rest of the year.

I hope you are enjoying this season of blessing as much as me.


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