Peppermint Stripe Scarf

While I was walking through Michael's Arts and Crafts a few weeks ago I saw a skein of Red Heart Shimmer yarn. I had already been seeing visions of a peppermint swirl design in a scarf or a hat. When I saw the Shimmer in red and white I knew I had to make those little balls of shiny goodness into something fun for Christmas!

As you can probably tell by the name of this scarf, I had visions of peppermint sticks in mind. I tried a number of ways to make the strips go diagonal, but after starting a few different designs, I decided that vertical strips would be better. I really love the way this came out, so I'm sharing it with you.


1 ball Red Heart Shimmer white
1 ball Red Heart Shimmer red
H size crochet hook
Piece of cardboard or similar item to wrap your yarn to size the fringe
Yarn needle

Scarf Body

Using the white yarn, ch 252. (I like my scarves really long and this reached about to my knees. You can make it any length you want, really.)

Row 1: Hdc in third ch from the hook. Hdc across. Ch 2 and turn.
Row 2: Hdc across. Switch to red yarn. Ch 2 and turn.
Row 3: Hdc across. Switch to white yarn. Ch2 and turn.
Row 4: Hdc across. Ch 2 and turn.
Row 5: Hdc across. Switch to red yarn. Ch 2 and turn.
Row 6-11: Repeat 3-5 twice ending with the white yarn. Do not fasten off.

Ends and Edging

Sc twice in the same stitch. Sc across the end of the scarf.
ST across the chain edge of the scarf until second to last ch st.
Sc three times in last ch st.
Sc across the end of the scarf and fasten off.

Weave in ends.


Wrap yarn around the cardboard piece until you have enough for your fringe.

Slide off and cut in half. Use three pieces of yarn for each fringe.
Add a matching color piece of fringe at the end of each row. That will give you two white fringes, then one red, then two white, then one red, and so on. Continue until you have both ends fringed.

Pattern and pictures all copyright by Jenna Moore, December 10, 2013. 

Feel free to share this pattern, but only for personal use.


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