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Mobile is addicting

So in light of my inner geek, I'm embracing the need for way too many mobile apps. How many times have you gone to the yarn store only to realize you're not sure how many balls of yarn you need for your pattern? Or maybe the yarn you wanted is out and you need a different one, so the numbers are different. So you need that pattern, but you didn't print it and bring it with you. That's me every time. Though, I tend to take it another extreme even. Half the time I don't even know what I'm planning to make when I get there. I'll find a cool yarn and then wonder how much I need for a shrug, or a hooded blanket, or such.

I could look it all up on the web, but that is a pain. My eye sight isn't what it used to be and that text is TINY! Apps can be better, so I do have a few that are yarn-company specific (Lion Brand for one). But what I really want is to take with me into the shop. But even that text can be tiny and the links near impossible to cl…