Earning that vacation

It's been one of those days for me. Not a bad day. Just one of those days when you look up every hour and think to yourself, "WTF, I just got here five minutes ago!" at 3pm. I'm supposed to be on vacation starting on Wednesday. The kids will be out of school starting that day and someone needs to be home with them.

However, when I got in to the office this morning I found my inbox overflowing. I might end up working at home on Wednesday to finish things up in a timely end of the year manner.I got straight to work-despite the plethora of sugary goodness sitting just outside my office-and before I knew it I was getting the alert for my 11am meeting. WTF? I felt like I'd just sat down ten minutes before then.

Today was also a very special day for my department. I work in the Business Analytics Documentation department at SAS. That's right-the BAD department. so every year around this time we have what's called "BAD GOODie day." A big table sits outside the boss's office (which is next to mine) and gets piled with sugar coma-inducing goodies. Today's offerings included the standard Brent's Bourbon Balls (without which we riot), Peter's homemade backlava ("it's all I can make" oh darn), chocolate spritz cookies from me, Michael's blueberry mini muffins, somebody's wonderful sugar cookies (Marie? Amelia?),  Dunkin' Donuts from a mysterious team member, and Polish cookies from Brendan. Lynn even came back to us at the end of the day and brought a fruitcake. Quite a good one, too; I could taste the whiskey. :)

Why do we go overboard on the sugar? Because it feels like the busiest time of the year. Let's face it-when you're filled to the brim with sugar, bourbon chocolate and whiskey fruitcake, you just don't mind staying at work late. After all, after a few bourbon balls and a bit of fruitcake, you can do no wrong! You're writing better than Shakespeare ever dreamed and everyone loves you. Or, well, so you think anywho. lol

After much goodie ingesting, I went in search of my editor to go over a few points. I was still hoping to finish up my last few changes and pass the doc back to her at the end of the day. But she was gone with the lights out. Who leaves work that early? Oh, never mind, it was 4pm. I usually leave at 3 myself, so I get the early flex schedule. I just thought it was still 1:30. I managed to finish up by 5:30 (my day starts at 7:30am) and got home soon after six. It's a long day for me, but incredibly productive.

I think this day was a message. Either a message to me that I needed to feel that I truly earned my vacation, or a message to my boss to bring in more bourbon balls when I need to stay late.


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