Christmas 2011!

Christmas came early this year to our family. We headed out on Christmas Eve to do some "last minute shopping." I put that in quotes 'cause I really had no need to shop. Michael wanted to grab a few more things and I didn't want to keep the kids home, so we all went to the Superstore. Michael split off while the boys and I went through groceries. Have just had lunch, Connor was still working on his apples and was sitting in the top cart seat.

As he finished eating he started wishing random people a Merry Christmas. Connor gave me a look after a few times, kinda like "is that okay, Mom?" I told him immediate to feel free to wish anyone a merry Christmas as long as he's with me. And he did. That boy wished every single person we passed a Merry Christmas! I could see folks who were having a crappy, stressful day just brighten up after Connor's greeting. About 70% of the folks smiled at us and about 70% of those folks wished us one back. I have to say, that kid made a LOT of people happy yesterday! To me that's one of the best superpowers a person can have. I love sharing it with others, too.

Last night was great. We opened box number 7 of the What God Wants for Christmas nativity set. The boys love it as this box is the "surprise" of what you can give God. It's a mirror (fairly self-explanatory). Ian asked me what comes next in the book. "Oh, that's the prayers you can pray, Ian." "Really?" he asks. "What kind of prayers?" "Prayers to ask God to adopt you into His family. Would you like that?" "Ye-nah," he stumbles. "Really? You don't want to worship God, sing to God and be his son too?" "oh," Ian responds as a second thought. "I think I do!" "Me too!" from Connor. Best Christmas Gift EVER!!!! Needless to say,  we prayed the prayer and now comes the hard part-being a responsible parent and teacher. :)

Today it was a real treat to be woken up by two fully dressed little guys climbing into bed with us to cuddle. All four of us cuddled for awhile before getting out of bed. Opening presents was great-the kids got plenty of little things that they are already enjoying. I got to watch the smiles on their faces as they watched each other opening things. They loved receiving joint gifts, too. One thing I thought was wonderful was their sharing. Neither boy would open up a gift unless their brother had one, too. At one point Ian even muttered, "that's for Ian, that's for Ian, sheesh, where is one for Connor?!?" I loved it!

Another great treat today was being able to go to church service. It's rare to get that opportunity ON Christmas, so we were looking forward to it. I'm sorry to report that Michael had a migraine and had to stay home and sleep it off, but we prayed for him at church. He was all better when we got home. (For the record, he said it was like someone was driving the Spear of Destiny into his right temple. I know the feeling.) We had meatballs and pizza rolls (IOW, appetizers) for lunch and watched the kids play. Michael joined in with some Beyblade battles with the boys while I got dinner ready. We had a pretty modest dinner for a holiday, but it was downright gourmet for us. A roast ham, potatoes au gratin, and corn. Woohoo! Ian had cereal and applesauce, but hey, he ATE it. :)

For dessert we had a Hershey's chocolate creme pie. Before we cut it we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus. I really like that tradition. All in all, it's been a fantastic day. I played Super Mario Bros with the boys and they are now playing Lego Star Wars. Bedtime is in a few minutes so Michael can watch football in the front rather than on the old tv. I've still got calls to make, but it's been a great day.

Thanks again to our Father above for giving us the most wonderful gift of all. His Grace.


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