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Let's Go Nuts: Holiday rant revisited

So a while back I posted my little rant about Christmas cookies, potlucks, and peanuts. If you missed it, the gist is that I am newly allergic to peanuts and am having a tough time guessing what has peanuts and what doesn't, particularly in the cookie category.

Last week we had a Division-wide potluck at work. I had asked our office manager if she could ask folks to just post what they were bringing that contained peanuts. Her answer, "I'm not sure, I'll see what I can do." I was nervous at first due to the non-committal nature of her response. But as it turns out she did great! She arranged two tables-one for items with nuts and one for items without nuts. Works for me! I'll admit that I prefer to just avoid things with peanuts, as other nuts don't bother me. However, it's easier to avoid everything with nuts than to guess and get a migraine. Thanks, Kay!

This week my team has what they call "BAD Goodie day." BAD is my team acronym so don&…

Holiday Rant: Cookies and Potlucks

Let me start by saying that Christmas and Advent is my favorite season of the year. Even before I was a true Christian I loved it . Well, minus about ten years right after my folks split up-but I got over that. I love the Christmas music-they could start it in October and I'd be okay with that. (Yes, that's ME you hear blaring TSO on Halloween!) I love the feel good movies on tv. I love the decorations, again, even if they go up way too early. Most of all I love the feeling of good will toward others that you can find in many places, minus, perhaps, the malls.

But today what's on my mind is FOOD. The Christmas season (if you call it holidays instead, that's okay. Just replace it in your mind because I say Christmas) is filled with holiday dinners, potlucks, cookie exchanges, goodie days, and many more forms of food torture. Well, torture if you don't enjoy it or can't eat it anyway.

I love the cooking, the baking, and the experimenting that comes along with t…