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Holiday Food Planning

For thanksgiving this year my family has decided to go out of town. Not to a relative's house (love ya, mom!), but to Myrtle Beach. November might seem like an odd time to go to the beach, but I like it for two reasons:
1. It's no cooler than my native North Carolina and there's plenty to do.
2. No one else likes to go to the beach for the holidays-less people.

My mother is going with us, so we'll still get all the fun of a family holiday. The good news is I don't have to clean my house every week from now til then to get it semi-suitable for human beings to view. There is the challenge of how to cook the holiday meal when we get there.

Our little suite has a kitchen, so that's no issue. But I'd rather not pack the entire kitchen into my van for the trip. So here's the beginning of my planning space.

First, we're cooking for only five and two of those are little boys. That means a turkey breast will be enough. We do NOT need a whole bird. If we get …