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Now what? Log Cabin!

I've been knitting on the same scarf for a year. It's a Steeler's version of the Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban scarf and he loves it. I'm so happy that he likes it so much. I also finished the spa set I made for my SIL. I can't wait to be able to send it to her. Hmm, better do that soon. Unfortunately, all this accomplishment leaves me with the ever-present question: Now What?
I tried starting a hat, but lost interest after two false starts. I really should give it another go. The scarf I'm trying to match had at least four false starts and came out great. The real answer on that hat is to either crochet it or use the loom, I think. I started to work on a needle case too, but that also turned out to be beyond my vacationing brain to comprehend. I even pushed through another crochet chunky hat since my pink one jumped ship while I was in Calgary in October. That only took a few hours.
So tonight I pulled out my Mason Dixon Knitting book. I've looked at it m…

Christmas Eve

It's been a fantastic Christmas Eve! Never mind that the adjuster never got here to look at the window. We're fortunate that the inside pane is intact and are thankful for that. The boys and I started off the day making cookies. I'm not the greatest cookie baker, as proven by my catastrophe on Monday at making cookies from scratch. So we used refrigerated dough and some colored sugar. They weren't particularly fancy, but loads of fun to make. :) We made a full batch of gingerbread cookies and a batch of sugar cookies, too. The boys decorated most of them for me and it was fun. Michael and the boys went out to the park this afternoon while I did some early cooking for tomorrow, too. Made some stuffing, cranberry orange compote. I'll make the pumpkin pie tonight, if I'm still moving. I'm sore and tired now, but feeling good. I can't wait til tomorrow to see how excited everyone gets over the gifts. :) Have a wonderful Christmas!

Happy holidays

I hope you're all having a nice night with cup of hot cocoa, a home-stitched afghan, and a cozy little fire in the fireplace. It's been a pretty good week here, too. The shopping is done, even for the stocking stuffers. The pre-cooking for Christmas Dinner is under way, the cookies are almost ready to bake, and the knitting and crocheting has been fun.
I finished the Steeler's Scarf that's been in progress for over a year. It was my first very large undertaking with knitting and I'm proud to have finished it. I'll try to post pics after hubby opens it. I now need to finish the little spa set I'm working on for my SIL. Washcloth and soap sack are done-complete with homemade soap from Ren faire-and the bath mitt is getting close.
And tonight, while I was looking for a pattern for slippers for my oldest son, I heard a huge bang at the front of the house. I thought it was the door, but no. It was not the front door. It wasn't Santa Claus either, unless he w…