Upcoming Craft Fair

SAS is holding their annual employee craft fair on December 1st. I have decided to get a booth this year and sell some of my knitted and crochet pieces. Maybe some of my home-made jewelry, too. It should be a lot of fun. So far I have created a few scarves and two different styles of market bag.

The first market bag was the green variegated one below. I loved that color-this photo does not do it justice. I might be almost hoping that one doesn't sell. ;) The other, which I like to call the cow bag because of the black and white spotted look, was also fun. The photo doesn't do that one justice, either, but it's cute. It reminds me of my Grandpa, who worked in the dairy extension program at NCSU for much is his career. When my sister and I were kids he used to take us over to the vet school and let us play with and pet the cows. And no, we didn't tip them. I guess I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for cows.

I am working on a little crocheted baby sleep sack too, but that'll take slightly longer I think. I'm have a good time doing the projects and actually accomplishing something at night. Not sure how this will work with NaNoWriMo starting in a few days, but I guess I'll just have to learn some serious time management skills.


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