Spoon Time

Ever had one of those days when you feel like it takes so much to get out of bed that by the time you're dressed you've got nothing left? Of course, most of us have. Today was definitely one of those days for me. I slept badly and woke up worse today.

The bright spot that got me up and moving, as usual, was my boys. Today was costume day for Connor. I didn't get any pictures yet, but they should get sent to us early next week. In the meantime you can see Connor with his Cookie Monster slippers. Connor and I had a fun talk on the way in, about what I don't recall.

Despite the fatigue, I had a good time at our little afternoon social at work. My boss had a very scary costume: Manager in a Full Suit. If you knew the man you'd know how scary that can be. Lately I've been getting a lot of satisfaction out of work and that is a HUGE improvement for me. It doesn't fix the constant fatigue, but I do feel good know I'm being more effective.

The end of the day was less graceful than I would have liked. I went to Connor's school social, which made him very happy. The teachers told me it started @ 3:30, but in fact it wasn't starting until 4. So I was there early and felt truly in the way. The party was slow in starting-after all, organizing 18 preschoolers is like herding cats. We finally got our pumpkin for carving around 4:30. Through all of this, Connor's class mates (and him of course) were doing what they do best: causing chaos. Those of you who know me probably realize that wasn't a good environment. I don't deal with multiple conversations well, let alone this level of chaos and noise. I practiced a breathing technique I learned recently: the Breath of oceans rolling. Breath in through the nose into the solar plexus, then out through the mouth. I'm finding that it does wonders for helping me remain calm in stressful situations. We had a pretty good time and Connor got to help pop out the pumpkin's mouth after the carving, which he loved. I felt almost dead on my feet by the end of it, though. It took almost all my spoons to get through the chaos.

Then it was time to drop by the martial arts studio to pick up a few things. And I thank God that we did need to make that stop. I normally drive Connor home via I-40 to Aviation Parkway. At the same time we would have driven by there, a car caught fire on our usual side of the highway, right after a bad wreck on the other side. So both sides were at a total stand-still. When I heard this one the radio's traffic report all I could think was: that could have been us.

We finally got home rather late and I almost fell down in the driveway from fatigue and dizziness. I did manage to get the Cutiepie and his stuff into the house and Michael made dinner for the boys. I then quickly crashed on the couch and didn't move for at least half an hour. It might have been longer. There was just no way to keep moving after that.

I'm hoping tomorrow is easier as it's my big chance to spend a few hours withe boys decorating Halloween scenes and pumpkins. Here's hoping.


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