So I haven't posted anything in quite some time. The summer was a tough time for me after losing my BFF Daniel on Cinco de Mayo. I remember the week after the funeral I had several dreams about him. Last night I had another. The theme always seems to be the same: he's not really gone. Halfway through the dream I'll always realize that he shouldn't be there, that he has passed away, but we always move on and interact again.

It's been awhile since I practiced dream interpretation, but I don't think this one takes much work. I miss him-that's obvious. I particularly missed yesterday when I realized I couldn't go to my taekwondo class and really wanted to hang out with someone. He has been my go-to dude for so long. We could talk about anything, joke about anything, disagree about everything and still be best friends.

We were polar opposites politically. Normally you'd think that would make for lots of griping at election time, but it didn't. We had so many deep discussions about various candidates and it didn't matter that we disagreed. We both were interested in hearing the other side. Why can't real political debates be like that?

Daniel introduced me to so many things I never would have enjoyed without him, including Red Dwarf, the new Battlestar Galactica, and playing the board game Life just for starters. Last night's dream had one main image that kept occurring over and over- a hug. I must have felt like I needed one and he was the one to give it.


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