Socks what?

So I've been trying to crochet a pair of socks, but that effort has hit multiple brick walls. I got it started, but I clearly made some kind of mistake with the heel. After finishing the heel section I had an additional 20 stitches! So I'll ripping out the heel and starting over. I might convert it to an afterthought heel, but I'm not sure yet.

In the meantime, I started yet another project. I'm knitting a turtleneck dickey from a vintage pattern. This pattern is from Coats and Clarks Learn to Knit, Book 190, published in 1968 and has been somewhat challenging to read. I've been finding it very interesting to see the differences in how things are described in this booklet vs what I'm accustomed to reading now. For example, this pattern will tell you "finish it like you did the other side." Seems normal, until you realize you're left wondering exactly how much of that finishing you're supposed to do. Am I supposed to bind off and sew it up? Or just bind off? Other things come out too, making this a serious exercise in interpretation. It's been a very intriguing challenge and I'm glad I undertook it. I might even try the cable cardigan that's also in this booklet.

I'm about 95% finished with the dicky, though, with only the neck portion to finish. I'm exited to finish and sew it up and try it on. I even checked my gauge on this one, if that gives you any idea how much I want it to work. ;) I promise pictures when it's done, which I hope will be this week.


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