Cure for the Toddler Blues

Okay, I just had to share this story with you. If you're a parent or a child's caregiver, then you know how hard it is to herd a tired child. For ages now my youngest has been in the habit of getting up with the sun-when he waits that long. He's an early riser like I haven't been since college. By the time I get up in the morning, he's already out of bed and on the computer. Oh yes, we are raising geeks, never fear.

Unfortunately, this means that frequently he is more tired than he appears. That tiredness can manifest in many different ways. Lack of cooperation is a common one. When Michael tells Connor to get dressed, instead he gets Connor hopping around like a bunny rabbit 'cause it's funnier (at least to Connor). We don't have the inclination to chase Connor-bunny, so sometimes things escalate. The good news is that as days go, this was not really a bad one. We got Connor dressed and he was acting pretty helpful.

Then it was time to leave. Usually this is not a bad thing to Connor, but today he decided to dig his heels in and not cooperate. Michael had to bundle him into the car amidst plenty of crying on Connor's part. He continued to cry as I pulled away and headed down the road. At one point I realized Connor had gotten quiet, then I saw he had fallen asleep. Hallelujah! I thought. Ian and I enjoyed some quiet conversation during the trip. This was the most stress-free trip I have had to or from school in about two weeks at least. I drove easily behind slow cars, let drivers cut me off on the highway. Whatever. I was feeling nice and calm. And mellow I suppose.

Then we got to school and Connor didn't want to do anything. He was still asleep mostly as I carried him in and he went through the motions of his check-in routine. Just before I left he asked, "Mommy, I want to go say Hi in P4." P4 is the classroom next door where some of his friends from last year's class are located. So we went next door to say hi to his old friends. His little "girlfriend" last year was Annie, a pretty little blonde girl that is super-sweet.

Connor moped into P4 and straight to Annie, who gave him a huge smile as he approached. I could tell she was happy to see him, despite his lack of apparent enthusiasm. So Connor said hi to Annie and gave her a hug and then bounced right back to his room. And I do mean that he bounced out. He did this little bounce then shuffle step and looked so happy! He was suddenly cheerful and awake, greeting his friends in his classroom and getting excited about the day.

So apparently, the cure for a rough morning of the Toddler Blues is hugging a pretty girl. He learns young. ;)


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