Project attention wanders and superhero purses

I would call this Project ADD, except that perhaps that might be overstating the issue a bit. Have you ever had one of those projects that just seemed to drag on and on? Then maybe you look and realize that it isn't the project that took so long but you. I keep finding neat and exciting new things to try. I'm 95% finished with the turtleneck dickey, but got distracted by a necktie pattern. No, I have no need to make a necktie. But I will b/c a friend would like it and it's something to do. So I'm trying hard to finish the dickey by the end of the weekend now. I need to before I get completely derailed.

One thing I didn't mention earlier this week was my untimely footing Tuesday morning on the ice. I was walking around the van after getting the kids into it. Thank goodness it was after. One foot slipped, then the second. I tried to brace myself with my right arm and that didn't work either. In the end, I fell on my rear end and almost flat on my back. I have to thank my husband for the wonderful leather purse he gave me five years ago on our anniversary. It's a backpack style that I totally love. When I fell Tuesday (incidentally, on my anniversary), I fell on the backpack, which then prevented me from hitting my head on either the mound of ice behind me or the sidewalk itself. This purse definitely knows its job. It has saved my sanity for five years by giving me an easy way to carry a purse and a child at the same time. Now it has saved me from a sure concussion. Way to go, dear husband Michael, on one of the best anniversary gifts any man ever gave his wife. :) Most men can't boast this sort of thing about their anniversary gifts.

The other good news is that my arm is getting better. It's still a little sore, but nothing like yesterday. I still can't believe it's been eight years since we got married. It seems like yesterday and forever at the same time.


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