More Patterns Coming

Y'all have really inspired me! I noticed today that the last time I posted a pattern it was almost a year ago-April 29, 2011. So, I'm thinking perhaps I just get inspired in the spring. I also noticed that when I post patterns y'all come 'round to get 'em. So I'm working now to write up some of the other patterns I've made. I'm almost done with my fusion craft Batman hat pattern. After that comes my snake scarf that I made for the kiddos I hope.
Remember, these patterns are free for your personal use, but please don't redistribute or sell them. You can also keep up with me on Ravelry where I keep a shop of all my patterns. (Don't worry, if it's free here it's also free there.) My Ravelry id is jenna3. See you there and happy stitching!


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