Crochet Round Beaded Bracelet Pattern

This little bracelet was designed for a Lakota friend of mine on a cold, rainy day. The Cascade fixation yarn is soft and warm without being heavy. The beads are about 12x8. These particular ones are a variation of a yellow turquoise stone. 

·         Yarn: Cascade Fixation Solid
·         Beads: 5-6 large beads, as needed according to size
·         Size F crochet hook
·         Yarn needle

Beaded chain stitch: Push up bead, hook yarn on other side of bead, pull through chain.
Chain 5, Beaded chain stitch, *chain 5, beaded chain stitch* until you reach the right size for the wrist- five beaded chain stitches for small wrists, six for larger. Join with a sl st to the first ch.
Round 1: ch1. Sc around, join to first sc with sl st.
Round 2: sl 2, *sk 1, tc 7 in next sc (above beaded ch st), sk 1, sl st in next sc*. Join to 1 sc with sl st. Turn bracelet over and turn around so you are working on the right side of the bracelet on the unfinished side of the beads.
Round 3: *sk 1, tc 7 in next sc (above beaded ch st), sk 1, sl st in next sc.* Join to beginning of round sl st with a sl st.
Fasten off and weave in ends.


·         If you are using round beads rather than oval, then change the triple crochet stitches (tc) to double crochet stitches (dc) to round out the bead bed made by the shell stitch.
·         If you are using a thicker yarn or for a less full look, you can cut the triple crochets from 7 to 5.


Sc: single crochet
Sk st: skip stitch
Sl st: slip stitch
Tc: triple crochet

© Copyright Jenna Moore, Jenna Moore Designs


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