weekend update

Overall it's been a very good weekend. On Saturday I got some gardening done with some help from Jeremy. We planted some seeds. I forget what they're called some very tall spire looking things for the mailbox, after first spending my morning digging up all the weeds around mailbox. After that we had a friendly game of Pathfinder and lasted probably to 9:30. This morning we enjoyed church; it was quite a strong message that I really needed to hear. And tonight's service was our baptism. Michael and I were both baptized in the tub full immersion. I've never done that before. But it was the right thing to do. I feel closer to God already. And I feel like the last of my old life is finally gone. I got a chance to say a few words and that felt really good. when I was in high school I took Jesus into my heart and I asked him to be my Lord and Savior but I didn't know what that meant. He was in my life, but he was in my life like a physics class was in my life. Now I know the difference . now I know what it means for him to be the Lord of my life. It's not easy to let go of that illusion of control that we have over our lives. The turning it over to God is the surest way to see change. That doesn't mean we always get what we want; to paraphrase a song we get what we need. God's will be done not ours. It's not easy but it usually works better than anything we can dream up on our own.


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