A long week

It's been a long week this week. I've been sick with headaches, a cold, flu, and fever. It's been really hard to function. I haven't been able to get to the office since Monday or really get anything done. I spend most of my days sleeping and just trying to recuperate from whatever this is. I am hoping that this will get better, because I am sick and tired of waking up with a headache, going to bed but the headache, and always seeming to have a headache. On the upside Michael seems to be doing better. He says he will call CTG and find out if they will find a job for him. Him being a known quantity there should truly help him out. In the meantime, he seems to be taking a good enthusiastic approach to our business. I gave him the job description for the graphic intern today and I'm hoping that'll help get us jumpstarted. Once we have the graphics, we can then move forward to integrating those graphics into the module and into the program.


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