Keeping it consistent

I'm trying to get into a habit of posting here more often. We'll see if that happens. :) In the meantime, things are moving along. Monday was a wonderful day as I went through most of the day with no pain. No shoulder pain, neck pain, or arm pain. By none I mean it wasn't enough for me to take note of-it fell under the radar.

Today has been tougher. I've had a nasty kink from my right shoulder blade to my neck since I got up. I've tried stretching, "cracking" my shoulder/neck, but all that really helps is laying horizontal. I'm thinking it might be from leaning forward at the computer. I'm notorious for that. I guess it might be time to ease the resolution on my computer at work. Ah well. If that fixes anything I'll be thrilled.

My crochet has been suffering lately. I generally don't bother most nights b/c the kids get up so much. This week I'm trying something new-staggered bed times. Didn't help yesterday-the kids were still up til midnight. Tonight I gave Ian more "quality time" with me until I thought Connor was asleep. Ian was less reluctant to go to bed and has only tried once to wake Connor. I was able to head him off on that b/c I heard Connor's "who's waking me now?" whine and got him back down before he truly woke up.

So far so good...

If that works, then maybe next week I can get back to regular stitching. Meantime, I AM planning to go to my crochet club meeting tomorrow at SAS. That'll definitely help me get motivated again. Right now I'm working on my first crochet tank top, so I'm excited to make some progress before fall. ;)


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