London First Day of "Class"

So today was our first full day of "class" here in London. I am studying Church History with classmates from Liberty University here in London. It's been great getting to know them all. out of 13 students, three of us are studying pastoral counseling, one or too more are studying chaplaincy. Others are fulfilling history requirements for various undergraduate degrees.

Outside of Westminster Abbey
Today's trip was to Westminster Abbey. It was incredible! The Gothic architecture is breathtaking. We saw the high altar where the coronations take place. We also saw the coronation chair, which is kept in St George's chapel when not in use. Saw the tombs of so many monarchs, though I found the one for Elizabeth I the most breathtaking. Right next to St George's chapel is a remembrance in honor of Franklin D Roosevelt. This is quite close to to the memorial for Winston Churchill and the tomb of the unknown soldier.
Sorry, inside photography not allowed.

In the abbey I lit a candle for my grandmothers, may they rest in the arms of my Lord always. I also lite a candle for my grandfather, may he find the peace of God as his days last on this earth and forever. We also saw the cloisters--so beautiful! It was raining as we went to the cloisters and the rain just looked so heavenly and beautiful in this Benedictine garden. I spent a good bit of time in the abbey in prayer today. I know I could do more to emulate Christ in my life and I need to do it.

View of Buckingham Palace from the bridge in St James Park
After the abbey, we took a walking tour to Buckingham Palace via St James Park. The park is beautiful and it was very nice to relax through that walk. Buckingham Palace was incredible, though not open for tours this month. There was some kind of security todo while we were there--not sure what, but didn't amount to much.
Buckingham Palace

I was impressed the vividness of the colors and the architecture. Sadly, the Queen is not currently in residence. In view of yesterday's crazy heat, I think she's smart to be in the North right now. The crests on the gates are impressive too. There's just something about the black and gold color scheme that looks striking.

The gates to Buckingham Palace
Me in front of the palace gates.
After Buckingham Palace, we went to Trafalgar Square. Sorry,  not pictures of that area. I was concentrating on not further aggravating my very sore feet. We went into the National Gallery then. I did get to view the artwork. It was fascinating to view it chronologically and watch the changes in technique, dimension, and style. From there we kinda scattered. Watched some very impressive street dancers. These guys were literally spinning on their heads, directly on the cobblestones! And doing lots of other great moves. They of course were hoping for donations. The front man at one point said if you gave them £50-100 they would "come to your home and cook you dinner and wash your dishes." I almost took them up on that!

We went into "M&M World" after that. I couldn't find anything the kids would like, but it was a cute and HUGE shop. Then dinner and back to the college.

Tomorrow we are going to the Tower of London. Better not upset the people while we're there. :)


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