Let's Go Nuts: Holiday rant revisited

So a while back I posted my little rant about Christmas cookies, potlucks, and peanuts. If you missed it, the gist is that I am newly allergic to peanuts and am having a tough time guessing what has peanuts and what doesn't, particularly in the cookie category.

Last week we had a Division-wide potluck at work. I had asked our office manager if she could ask folks to just post what they were bringing that contained peanuts. Her answer, "I'm not sure, I'll see what I can do." I was nervous at first due to the non-committal nature of her response. But as it turns out she did great! She arranged two tables-one for items with nuts and one for items without nuts. Works for me! I'll admit that I prefer to just avoid things with peanuts, as other nuts don't bother me. However, it's easier to avoid everything with nuts than to guess and get a migraine. Thanks, Kay!

This week my team has what they call "BAD Goodie day." BAD is my team acronym so don't go thinking we're all on the naughty list. Today I came in and everything is labeled and particularly everything with nuts! I didn't ask them about this, but they all had heard about the migraine issue I have. So out of the goodness of their hearts they added tags to let me know. Some even went so far as to bring goodies that specifically had some without nuts. That is so sweet!

So there's hope yet for those of us with nut allergies. When asked, very few people mind telling you what has nuts. And some folks even get a kick out of making two batches, just for us nut-free nuts.

And if you're interested in what I brought for BAD Goodie day, see yesterday's post for cupcakes!


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