grocery store mix-up

It has been an interesting day. Work went well, if long. The coming home was the real hilarity. Last night I gave Michael a grocery list to take to the store and get just a few basic items that we needed to have on hand. Now knowing that Michael normally does not actually go to the grocery store the first day I give him the list, I didn't figure he'd get it done. You know how it is. It's kind like asking a man to wash dishes in the next 5 min. It just doesn't happen. So on my way home, knowing that Michael was tutoring over at the elementary school, I decided stop by the grocery store myself . So I picked up a few items we needed for dinner tonight, a couple other items to keep us all stocked up for the kids to eat, make things for lunches for Michael and Connor, snacks, and that sort of thing. Then I got home and as I was putting groceries away Michael got home. And as he was coming in, I noticed that all the things that I had picked up were already in the house! So apparently he can go to grocery store the same day I asked him to. I guess we'll be well-stocked for the rest of the month. I'll remember this next time. I think my expectations just got higher.


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