Fun games-Review of Chocolatier

Okay, I have a weird question for y'all. Have any of you played the computer game Chocolatier? I saw it at a store one day and had to see what it was (for $20 why not?) and it's addictive. I now have all three editions of the game.

The premise is that you are trying to resurrect a chocolate confections company and you have to make chocolates, operate the factories, buy ingredients, and make deliveries. It's a wicked fun game. The first edition is set around the turn of the last century, circa 1900, IIRC. The family owning the large chocolate company is having a squabble and you need to resurrect the company while the family makes peace. The second edition is set in the 1920s and another chocolate company is trying to interfere, so once again you are needed to help the company out. In this edition you not only pick up recipes from contacts in the game, but you have to discover the secret recipes in the test kitchen. (Fun!)

That latest edition, just out this month, is called Chocolatier: Decadence by Design and includes creating not just chocolates but coffees, too! In addition to learning their recipes, you also get to create your own in the "test kitchen." It's a blast.

So if you're looking for a fun game that feeds your caffeine-and-chocolate-addicted mind in a fun way, give it a try. :)


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