Whirling hooks

So it's been a crazy couple of weeks. I got the whim to make my son a Batman hat b/c he loves dressing up as Batman. Why? No idea. I was unable to find a pattern though, so I improvised one using my knitting loom and crochet hooks. The outcome was pretty cute and never mind those dark hand gestures he's making.

This last week I've been project-jumping like crazy. At first I was going to use up some stash making scarves, but got bored. I manged to make a panta headband, and that was quick. I also decided to make some gift card holders for Christmas, too. Now I'm wanting a more long-term project again. (And no, it would not be okay to finish the afghan I started last winter. What are you thinking?!?) I started on a little poncho sweater last night for our youngest niece. If I can ever manage to join the first chain without twisting I'll finish it I think.


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