Getting Started

Welcome to my new blog about stitching and spoons. What do spoons have to do with crochet, loom knitting and cross stitch? It's not what you think. I live with several pain and fatigue disorders, including fibromyalgia, tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and something that has yet to be identified. Spoons are merely a metaphor for living with these conditions. You can read about the Spoon Theory at

I enjoy various needle arts, including cross stitch, crochet, and loom knitting. As a teenager I remember making latch-hook rugs, too. Some day I'd like to get back into that too, since I definitely do not have enough unfinished projects at the moment. (Hear the sarcasm, people!) I'm opening this blog so I can post about my stitching and my spoons. I have other blogs, but most of my friends are probably not interested in whatever boring pattern I'm working on right now. You folks, on the other hand, might find it interesting and I am always looking for new friends that can share in my passion (obsession?) for fiber arts.

If you truly find me interesting outside of that realm, feel free to check out my other blogs. I have one on my home page that's a basic family story blog. It only gets updated sporadically due to my lack of time, but it's usually funny or cute when I do. I also keep a mostly closed blog on Livejournal. That one looks really empty b/c I keep most of my posts behind a friends lock. I do most of my ranting on it, but if you really are interested, just post to my friends post and I can add you.


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