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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sometimes I feel this way too

A conversation from the MASH tv series. Hawkeye: War isn't Hell. War is war, and Hell is Hell. And of the two, war is a lot worse. Father Mulcahy: How do you figure, Hawkeye? Hawkeye: Easy, Father. Tell me, who goes to Hell? Father Mulcahy: Sinners, I believe. Hawkeye: Exactly. There are no innocent bystanders in Hell. War is chock full of them - little kids, cripples, old ladies. In fact, except for some of the brass, almost everybody involved is an innocent bystander. -- IMDb Quotes: M*A*S*H (1972 TV series) So Mr. President, can we stop it with the multiple wars?

Friday, June 10, 2011

Kindle Saga

Now those of you who know me well know that I have become absolutely addicted to reading my books on Kindle. I love my Kindle reader and wouldn't go back to paper books for anything (except, perhaps, a lack of a Kindle edition). And no, did not pay me to say that. ;)

I've always been the kind of person to read more than one book at a time. One or two fiction, a biography, self-help, my Bible, knitting and crochet books, and more. I sometimes have been reading as many as five at a time. With my Kindle I can carry my entire library everywhere. Oh, and I also sometimes use it to look up song lyrics on the 'net when I need to sing at church and am a little self-conscious about forgetting the words.

So imagine my disappointment when my new 3G Kindle stopped working a couple months ago. I tried to turn it on and the screen was damaged. Between you and me, I suspect little feet kicked it while we were in church. Oh, yes, did I not mention that? My Bible is on my Kindle too and that's the one I take to church with me. It has hundreds of annotations already and I also sometimes highlight what the pastor is saying and post it to Facebook that way. Yes, in church. So slap my hand with a ruler.

I had to get that Kindle replaced with a new one. That one lasted about one day before it did the same thing. I suspect the same cause, too. So now it was time to get it replaced again and this time I charged the kids for a new cover to protect it so that wouldn't happen again. Through all of this Amazon has been most gracious. They don't even ask if I broke the thing intentionally (which I don't, obviously), they just replace it and send me a postage paid label to send back the broken one.

I am currently on my third 3G Kindle and it has gotten unreliable about turning on. Sometimes I have to spend 15-20 minutes getting it to reboot before it will turn on and re-load my library. Very strange. I called today and sure enough they are quite happy to send me yet another Kindle as I return this one. I wish we could have just pulled a switch to fix it, but such is their methodology. So now I'll be going on my Fourth 3G Kindle since our anniversary in February. I'm starting to think either the Kindle DX is just sturdier, or my crocheted cotton cover was better than the jackets you can get on :)

But through it all, I have my Kindle app for iPhone and my Kindle app for PC to read my books for back-up. Thank goodness for that!

So tell me, what's your favorite item that you wouldn't want to live without that breaks easily or you protect ferociously?

If you are also a Kindle fan, what's the greatest or weirdest thing you've read on your Kindle?

MacKenzie's skirt

MacKenzie's skirt by jtigerheart
MacKenzie's skirt, a photo by jtigerheart on Flickr.

I finally finished this little skirt made in Baby Jaquards. Lots of fun to knit! I can't wait to see Mac in it!