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Tweet Tweet

I've recently started using twitter to post status updates. I'll admit I'm not as prolific as some of the more serious users, but I'm trying to keep it updated. I've added those updates here for those who might be interested.

In other news, I seem to have developed a serious issue with my shoulder. It started about the same time as I started learning to knit, so I was just sure that it was all because of that and I was going to have to go back to my monogamous relationship with crochet. Don't get me wrong-I love crocheting, but it's always exciting to try something new. How many of us crocheters out there have ever looked at a knitting pattern and said, "I sure wish they made THAT pattern for crochet, too!"

After getting sick for about five days and doing very little besides sitting on couch and knitting, I discovered something: my shoulder was fine! But the day I went back to work, it hurt like all get out. Lesson learned: It's called repetitiv…