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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Random thoughts for a not quite Monday morning

So this weekend we went out shopping at the brand new Harris Teeter grocery store in our neck of the woods. Well, it's not that close really. It's several miles away (and by several I mean about 10 or 12). To put it in perspective, we have an IGA a half mile from the house. And a Food Lion two miles from the house. This new HT is way farther. But it's still way closer than any other HT and way bigger than either of the other two. It opened last week and hubby and I decided we just had to give it a try.

Overall-I'm impressed. It's one of the ones I used to refer to as a "Taj Ma-Teeter" because it's HUGE. Full produce department, giant deli and more birthday cakes than you can shake a stick at! Note to self-they have cookie cakes there and that's what Connor had wanted for his birthday party. Woohoo! I don't have to drive to the other side of Durham on Friday!

We loaded up on groceries. Frozen dinners for those of us who don't like making a full blown meal on the nights that half the family is out at soccer practice (three nights a week). Bread and chicken salad for me so I can make sandwiches at work this week. The walk up the steps to our cafeteria is killing me with this knee in recovery. Frozen this, cheese that, and who knows what else got thrown in. Am I the only one that goes crazy the first time in a new store? "Oh look! They have this cereal that our regular store doesn't carry! Let's buy a dozen in case they decide to quit carrying them next week!" Yeah, that nuts. Well, I don't think I bought a dozen of anything, but I bought things that I wouldn't have paid any attention to at any other store.

The most amazing part is that today I remembered to bring the lunch items to work with me. That almost never happens. ;)